Our service divisions allows the company to effective deliver project to client’s satisfaction based on the fact that approximately 70-80% of projects have key materials supplied by dedicated service divisions.


major construction project are complex undertaking,often involving dozens of subcontractors and suppliers,thousands of workers,and millions of dollars in material equipment,and services.

Material Testing Facilities

We currently undertake internal testing and R&D works at this laboratory and can undertake testing for all our construction materials including aggregates, concrete, asphalt & steel.

Steel Fabrication

Grid Brick Construction has a steel fabrication workshop with modern technology that does all cutting and bending for reinforcement, ironmongery works and steel structure fabrication.


Grid Brick Construction has a precast concreate facility that allows for production of custom and standard concrete products.Coupled with our other capabilities, we can also create custom moulds and finishes as required.


Innovation is at the core of what we do. On any given project in any location, our engineers encounter some of the most complex and challenging problems. By applying our ingenuity and creativity we innovate to find solutions.


Infrastructure is not just about physical assets, such as roads and is also about providing people with the power, clean water, communications, logistics, and mobility that they need.


In our evolution to becoming a more efficient, innovative company, we’ve leveraged our talent and utilized emerging technologies to create value added services that foster collaboration and enaable us to build better.


Gridbrick’s preconstruction services thouroughly engage the client and consultant teams to ensure that the best building investment value is realized. A ful complement of in-house preconstruction planning services help facilitate devlopment of well aligned scpoes of work, high quality,and documentation.


We are committed to attracting and retaining the best professionals in the construction industry who want to bulid a long team career while demonstrating a commitment to building the highest standards achievable. We understand the importance of giving back to organization.


At Grid Brick we belive that true “Buliding” is achieved through the devlopment of energestic team partnership which work collaboratively and unselfishly to develop innovative project solutions which ensure that the goals and objectives of the client are exceeded, and long term bond.